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UHF rfid tags for metal containers [2019/1/29]
  New Container Trak RFID tag built with the Impinj Monza R6-P IC, offers a read range of 20 meters (6
UHF RFID Tags for metal surfaces [2019/1/29]
  ZDCARD invents a new metal UHF RFID tag that can serve as both a visual and digital tag for heavy an
How Are Heat Resistant Ceramic-Coated RFID Tags Us [2019/1/29]
  RFID tag maker ZDCARD offers a line of high-temperature passive UHF RFID tags, encased in ceramic, f
Small size FPC high temperature nfc tags [2019/1/29]
  More fields like to use FPC high temperature nfc tags,Recently we opened 12*12mm ntag213/ntag215/nta
Order RFID Tags For A Smart Life [2019/1/29]
  Passive RFID tags use three main frequencies to transmit information: 125 - 134 KHz, (LF), 13.56 MHz
RFID Patient Wristbands [2018/12/14]
  Due to the importance placed on patient safety and the automated medication administration system, y
How RFID Wristbands Work, Decoded [2018/12/14]
  Ever wonder how RFID wristbands work? You’ve probably seen them at music festivals such as South by
Jewelry Disposable RFID Tags [2018/11/9]
  RFID tags for jewelry management is one of the most important components of operating a successful j
ZDCARD new RFID Wristband Frequency Dual [2018/11/9]
  RFID Wristband also called RFID band , combine the RFID technology with goodlooking and practical ho
new product: 13.56 MHz Epoxy Anti-metal tamper sti [2018/10/19]
  Tamper & anti-metal RFID tag can avoid service lost with free charge, others for any similar ite
New product release NXP NTAG 213 TT RFID Stickers [2018/8/30]
  We are glad to introduce our new product:NXP NTAG 213 TT rfid stickers:Antenna size:46*21mmSticker
RFID Tags have play a good role in our life [2018/6/12]
  RFID label or rfid tags, we call it like that both of them is the same thing. Here we call it rfid t
RFID cards is a good technology of identification [2018/6/1]
  RFID is a great innovate or discovery which has been applied in many areas of our life. Take car par
Rfid card brings us amazing life [2018/5/16]
  The RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology is a well-known wireless application for tracea
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