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new product: 13.56 MHz Epoxy Anti-metal tamper sticker
Date:[2018/10/19]    Clicks:[297]


Tamper & anti-metal RFID tag can avoid service lost with free charge, others for any similar items metal cabinet, tracking & supervision management. The tag is rendered impossible to work after it has been removed or transferred from the original place the tag was attached.


We have developed a new product: 13.56 MHz Epoxy Anti-metal tamper sticker this year, this kind of anti-metal tag will broke and cannot work anymore when people try to remove it, one time use.


■Material: Paper, PVC, PET

■Way to protect: Anti-metal, epoxy

■Printing: CMYK or Pantone color

■Chip: FM1108, Ultralight Ev1, Mifare S50/S70 (ISO14443A)

■Size: 40*25MM or customized

■Memory size: 1KByte 384bits 1kB 4KB

■Frequency: 13.00~14.00MHz

■Read/write times: ≥100,000 times

■Storage time: ≥10 years

■Read/write distance: 0~10cm


Asset management, product management, warehouse management, product tracking etc

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