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Small size FPC high temperature nfc tags
Date:[2019/1/29]    Clicks:[851]

More fields like to use FPC high temperature nfc tags,Recently we opened 12*12mm ntag213/ntag215/ntag216 FPC nfc tags, the inlay size is 9.5*9.5mm,which will be used blood testing management. Besides, which can be used for more smallest size products, and sustain 150°C high temperature, and it flexible can be sticked on metal objects. such as RFID wristband, NFC rings, toys electronic tags, cameras, drugs and other security labels.


Reliable data communication security technology, Data integrity: 16-bit CRC.

Access to the storage unit can be flexibly defined by the user according to their own requirements;

Arithmetic function for addition and subtraction operations;

High reliability EEPROM read and write control circuit greater than 100,000 times erase and write test 10 years data retention period;


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