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Customized Size RFID Card Inquiry

Customized shape RFID card, the size can be customized as customer request. Can be embed LF, HF or UHF chip.

Each rfid card have a unique seiral number. It is great solution for access control (keytag), Public transportation, Electronic toll collection, Loyalty cards, Event ticketing, Car parking, Electronic ticketing in public transport, Road tolling, Airline tickets, Home automation and appliances, Consumer electronics, Healthcare, Printers, Smart meters, Library and rental services, Healthcare, Ski ticketing, Asset management and smart shelf solutions, Factory automation etc

We manufacture both blank card, and pre-printed rfid card.

They all have an integrated circuit (IC) and antenna inside of them.
Data is transferred via this antenna. 

Item name Customized Size RFID Card
Dimensions Customized size, thickness more than 0.8mm
Card Surface Matte/ glossy/frosted lamination
Printing Option Full color offset printing 
Silk-screen printing
Silver/Gold silk-screen printing background
Options  Magnetic Stripe Option: 300oe, 2750oe, 4000oe
Numbering:Jet dot/ Thermo transfer/ Laser engrave/UV numbering
Barcode printing
Signature panel
Hot stamp:gold,silver,green,red,blue,etc
UID:number printed
URL,text,number.etc encoding/lock to read only 
Chip options LF chip: TK4100, EM4200, EM4305, EM4450, T5577
HF chip: Ultralight, Ultralight C, NTAG213, NTAG210, NTAG21,  NTAG216, Topaz 512, MF1S50, FM11RF08, ISSI4439, TKS50, MF1S70, FM11RF32, ISSI4469, Desfire EV1 2k, Desfire EV1 4k, Desfire EV1 8k Mifare Plus S2K,  Mifare Plus S4K, I Code Sli, I Code Sli-S, I Code Sli-X, TI 2K etc
UHF chip: Alien Higgs 3, Impinj Monza 4, UCODE G2XM, UCODE G2IL
Price terms We accept EXW/ FOB /CNF/CIF price.
Payment term: paypal, T/T or Western Union.
50% deposit of the total payment before bulk production.
Sample Availability Free samples are available upon request.

Chip information for RFID card

Chip Type Memory Size Frequency Protocol Description Manufactuer
TK4100 64bits 125KHZ 11784/85 Read only TK
EM4200 64bits 125KHZ 11784/85 Read only EM-Marin
EM4305 512bits 125KHZ 11784/85 R/W EM-Marin
EM4450 1k bits 125KHZ R/W EM-Marin
ATMEL5577 363bits 125KHZ R/W Atmel
Ultralight 64bytes 13.56MHZ 14443A R/W NXP
Ultralight C 192bytes 13.56MHZ 14443A R/W NXP
NTAG203 168bytes 13.56MHZ 14443A R/W NXP
NTAG210 80bytes 13.56MHZ 14443A R/W NXP
NTAG213 180bytes 13.56MHZ 14443A R/W NXP
NTAG215 540bytes 13.56MHZ 14443A R/W NXP
NTAG216 924bytes 13.56MHZ 14443A R/W NXP
Topaz 512 512bytes 13.56MHZ 14443A R/W TOPAZ
MF1S50 1024bytes 13.56MHZ 14443A R/W NXP
FM11RF08 1024bytes 13.56MHZ 14443A R/W FUDAN
ISSI4439 1024bytes 13.56MHZ 14443A R/W ISSI
TKS50 1024bytes 13.56MHZ 14443A R/W TK
MF1S70 4096bytes 13.56MHZ 14443A R/W NXP
FM11RF32 4096bytes 13.56MHZ 14443A R/W FUDAN
ISSI4469 4096bytes 13.56MHZ 14443A R/W ISSI
Desfire EV1 2k 2k bytes 13.56MHZ 14443A R/W NXP
Desfire EV1 4k 4k bytes 13.56MHZ 14443A R/W NXP
Desfire EV1 8k 8k bytes 13.56MHZ 14443A R/W NXP
Mifare Plus S2K 2048bytes 13.56MHZ 14443A/AES encryption R/W NXP
Mifare Plus S4K 4096bytes 13.56MHZ 14443A/AES encryption R/W NXP
I Code Sli 1k bytes 13.56MHZ 15693 R/W NXP
I Code Sli-S 2k bytes 13.56MHZ 15693 R/W NXP
I Code Sli-X 1k bytes 13.56MHZ 15693 R/W NXP
TI 2K 13.56MHZ 15693 R/W TI
Alien Higgs 3 512bits 860-960MHZ EPC  Gen 2/6C EPC up to 480 Bit, TID 64 Bit Alien
Impinj Monza 4 512bits 860-960MHZ EPC  Gen 2/6C EPC up to 496 Bit, TID 64 Bit Impinj
UCODE G2XM 512bits 860-960MHZ EPC  Gen 2/6C EPC 240 Bit, TID 64 Bit NXP
UCODE G2IL 512bits 860-960MHZ EPC  Gen 2/6C EPC 128 Bit, TID 64 Bit NXP


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