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1.LED wristband for concert [2016年11月30日]
1.Material of LED Bracelet TPU+plastic. 2.Size of LED Bracelet:adult size. 3.Body Color of LED Bracelet: clear. 4.LED color:red, blue, green, yellow, orange, white and ……
2.Silicon LED wristband [2016年9月14日]
Three   Styles   of   RFID   LED   Wristband 1.   Regular   Flashing: 1)It   flashes   led   color &nb……
3.LED silicon wrisbtands [2016年9月14日]
  The Sound Sensor & Motion Sensor LED Flashing Bracelets react to the fast movement and the beats from the music to make them dance. Ideal for music events and festivals……
4.rfid led Wristband for Activities Event [2016年9月14日]
This Remote control bracelet can flash different led colors, like red, blue, green, white, pink, or multicolors.You can set it to be Regular flashing, Sound activated flashing and Re……
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