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HF RFID Card Reader Inquiry


ZD530  is Contactless reader-writer can read ISO14443A, B and ISO15693 standard cards. It realizes connection with the PC machine and associated equipment through RS232 serial interface or USB port or TCP/IP interface. Drive development kinds of various platforms are provided together with the machine; attached demonstration programs realize all functions of the access radio frequency card。

It is the type of reader-writer is a necessary front-end processing device for developing contactless card related application products and system integration with rich and complete interface communication functions. It is widely used in the smart card management application systems  fields

* ISO14443A, ISO14443B, ISO15693 compliant
* Support contactless CPU card operation;
* 2xLED indicator lights and A buzzer

* Access Control /Time Attendance
* Production Authentication
* Guest Registration System
* System login/logoff
* Returnable Transit Items
* Logistic systems
* Express parcel management
* Ticketing smart label printer and encoder

Item name ZD530 HF rfid card reader
Standard ISO/IEC 14443-A/B,ISO/IEC 15693
Supporting Card Mifare S50/S70/UltralightMifare ProAT88RF02066CL160SSR176 SRIX4KI-code 2,TI RFID Tag-it HF-I
Interface RS232,USB-UART,USB-HID
PowerSupply 5V
Read Distance 5cmDepending on label size
Baud Rate 9600-115200bit/s(Configurable , default 9600)
Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ 70℃
Sheathing Material ABS
Dimension 100*100*27mm






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