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13.56mhz Smart Card Reader Inquiry

Product Introduction

ZM2003 is a Desktop Reader which supports contact card, contactless card, magnetic card and meets ISO/IEC 14443 Type A, ISO/IEC 14443 Type B, ISO/IEC 7816, ISO/IEC 7811, PBOC2.0 standard. USB communication protocol is used, upgrading online could be realized through USB. ZM2003 is stable and powerful, which is widely used in financial, medical, social security, logistics, etc.


*  Logistics
* Financial
*  Medical
* Social security
*  consumer sector
*  E-Business
*  E-bank and consumption Online


* Full Speed USB 2.0 (12 Mbps);
* USB hot plug is allowed;
* 3 LED status indicators(Red, Green, Yellow);
* Internal Antenna
* User Controlled buzzer
* Meet the USB 2.0 Specification, HID
* CE, FCC certified.
* RoHS certified.


Universal Serial Bus Interface

Power source-------------------------------From USB
Speed----------------------------------------12 Mbps(Full Speed)
Supply Voltage-----------------------------Regulated 5V DC
Supply Current-----------------------------200mA (max); 100mA(common)

Contactless Smart Card Interface

Standard-------------------------------------ISO 14443 A & B part 1 to part 4
Protocol ------------------------------------ISO14443 T=CL for ISO14443-4 compliant cards and T=CL Emulation for MIFARE (1K/4K)
Smart card read/write speed--------------ISO14443 Type A & Type B: 106 kbps

Contact Smart Card Interface

Standard-------------------------------------ISO 7816 1/2/3, Class A, B (5V, 3V), T=0 and T=1
Supply Current------------------------------max.60mA
Smart card read/write speed--------------9,600 – 115,200 bps
Short-circuit protection--------------------+5V/GND on all pins
Clock frequency----------------------------3.58 MHz
Card connector------------------------------Landing
Card insertion cycles-----------------------min.300, 000

Magnetic cards Interface

Standard-------------------------------------ISO/IEC 7811
Magnetic stripe track--------------------track 2 with tack 3 is acquiescent; track 1 with track 2 is selectable.

SAM cards Interface
Standard SAM card slot

Dimensions ---------------------------------150 mm(length) x 85mm(width)x 50 mm(height)

Size---------------------------------------------65mm x 60mm
Operating distance----------------------------50 mm (max)

Operating frequency of contactless cards
Operating frequency-------------------------13.56 MHz
Bulti-in Peripherals
LEDs-------------------------------------------Red, Green and Yellow

Operating conditions
Temperature----------------------------------0 - 50° C
Humidity -------------------------------------10% - 80%
USB cable


OS Support
Windows 98, ME, 2K, XP

OEM is available for the logo, color , shell, cassette.

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