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What is NFC?NFC (near field communication) is a wireless technology which allows for the transfer of data such astext or numbers between two NFC enabled devices.NFC products include NFC cards,passive NFC tag. Examples of passive NFC tags are NFC inlays,NFC stickers, NFC wristbands and other converted NFC products.NFC tags are very similar to a USB stick, except that they don’t have to beplugged into a PC to transfer data. There is no battery inside of NFC tags.They all have an integrated circuit (IC) and antennae inside of them.Data is transferred via this antennae. Metal Isolated NFC tag can work on metal surface,but normal nfc tags can not work.The anti metal layer prevent the tags from disturbing on metal.Ntag213 is the most widely used chip.Other chips are available. NFC chips availableChipMemory Size 1(bytes)User Memory 2(bytes)Max URL3(characters)Best UseUltralight644841Cost effective chip for short URLs in products(wristbands, keyfobs, etc).NTAG203168144132Popular, established all-round NFC chip.Cost-effective with good memory capacity.NTAG210804841Cheap, general NFC use with short URLs.Limited availabilityNTAG213180144132Next generation chip, will eventually replaceNTAG203.Great ScanStrength.NTAG215540504492The 'one in the middle'. Good memory butlimited availability compared to the NTAG216.NTAG216924888854Large memory and full feature set. Higher pricemakes it suitable for vCard andlarger memory use only.Ultralight C192148132Specialist applications requiring encryption only.Poor scan distance with mobile phones.MF 1k1024716710Legacy applications only. Not recommendedfor general mobile phone NFC usage.Desfire 4k4K40942000Specialist applications requiring strongdata encryption only.Topaz 512512454449Universally compatible chip available in onlya limited number of products.Useful for vCards or small data storage.

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