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ISO 11784/85 125KHz/134.2KHz Animal Microchip Glass Tag RFID LF Scanner Reader Inquiry

ISO 11784/85 125KHz/134.2KHz RFID Reader Animal Microchip Glass Tag RFID LF Scanner

LF Reader/Scanner adopt wireless identification technology and it support reading EMID, FDX-B(ISO11784/85) etc. tag.

This scanner uses high brightness OLED display which can be seen clearly in bright light environment. It can store max 128 records of tag information with its built-in memory, users can upload the information to the computer through USB cable.

This product is stable with simple operation which is widely used for little animal management, resource management, railway inspection etc.

Dual frequency reading, high frequency module supports customization

You are welcome to inquire to learn more about our products.

Product parameters
Place of OriginGuangdong.China
Brand NameOEM
ProtocolEMID,FDX-B,ISO 11784/85
Product NameLF RFID Reader
ApplicationAnimal identification, resource management
Package Size17.5cm*8.8cm*3.5cm
Reading Distance0-10cm
Storage capacity128 pieces of information
Communication interfaceuSB2.0
Operating Temperature-10°C~5o℃
Storage temperature-30 °℃~70℃
Reading time<100ms
Power Supply3.7v(Lithium-battery)


photobank (21).pngphotobank - 2022-10-29T121405.326.jpg

Animal Management, Animal Husbandry Management

Product Descrption





0.91 "High Brightness OLED Screen

lf reader w90a.png



Each independent box contains the host, USB data cable, manual.

LF Reader W90 (3).jpg

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