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New Retail RFID Label Custom QR Code Printing 860~960Mhz UHF Waterproof RFID UCODE 9xe Sticker Label Inquiry

New Retail RFID Label Custom QR Code Printing 860~960Mhz UHF Waterproof RFID UCODE 9xe Sticker Label

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RFID Stickers are generally managed by RFID sticking and simple use and sticking. It is a relatively simple entity layer, layer economy and assembly. RFID sticking is a kind of application that needs to be practical on the target surface and can also be easily applied to clothing. Applied to transportation management. asset management, etc.

The size that ZD Technology can provide you, and the material suitable for different scenarios, such as your waterproof (anti-counterfeiting), anti-metal, metal surface, we are easy to customize, etc.

We can also provide you with related services on laser printing: code UV printing, LOGO or Serial number printing.

You are welcome to inquire to learn more about our products.

Food Traceability UHF RFID Sticker
Special FeaturesWaterproof / Weatherproof
Communication InterfaceRFID
Place of OriginGuangdong, China
Brand NameZD
ApplicationRetail, Food Traceability, Food preservation
ChipUCODE® 9xe
SizeCustomized Size
Reading distance0-10m
PrintingOffset Printing/Thermal printing
Writing Cycle100,000times
SampleTesting Samples
Read sensitivity-24 dBm
Write sensitivity-22 dBm
MemoryEPC memory 128 bit

TID memory 96 bit

Kill password 32 bit

Endurance/data retention100 K/20 y
Memory safeguardYes
Block write (32-bit)Yes
Temperature range-40 to +85 °C



• Read sensitivity -24 dBm 

• Write sensitivity -22 dBm 

• 128-bit EPC Memory 

• Drop-in replacement for UCODE 9/ UCODE 8 

• Self-adjust 

• Memory safeguard 

• Pre-serialization of 96-bit EPC


• Store retail/ supply-chain attributes directly on the chip 

• Generate accurate and fast inventory counts 

• Save time and increase tag encoding throughput 

• Promote environmental sustainability

UCODE are registered trademarks of NXP B.V. and are used under license.


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• Perishable-food tracking, to ensure freshness 

• Real-time, point-to-point tracking on any product within the supply chain 

• Omnichannel retail support, with precise tracking from source to store 

• High-speed store checkouts for increased consumer satisfaction

Antenna Dimension

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Custom OEM

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Packing & Delivery

Delivery format: Roll 

Quantity : 2000pcs/roll, 8 roll/carton 

  1. Each roll of Inlay has two 21 mm wide silicone oil paper lining to protect the IC aluminum antenna extrusion or water vapor.

  2. Pearl cotton, anti-static bag packaging: waterproof, anti-collision, anti-static.

  3. Standard carton packing for shipment.

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