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EV Charging Pile RFID Epoxy Tags 13.56Mhz Custom Waterproof NFC RFID Keychain Tags Inquiry

EV Charging Pile RFID Epoxy Tags 13.56Mhz Custom Waterproof NFC RFID Keychain Tags

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With the introduction of policies banning fuel vehicles in many countries in the world, there are more and more new energy vehicles, and for the use of charging piles more convenient and faster to identify the car, and charge payment, RFID tags can solve the problem for you, convenient and compact RFID tags can make this process (identification, charging selection, payment) more convenient and effective.

Why choose RFID keyfob tag, because it is exquisite and compact, easy to carry and can be worn on the key chain, and is chosen by more customers. It is widely used in access control, public transportation, convenient payment and other application scenarios.

 The internal embedded chips are mainly low frequency or high frequency, and the keychain material is mainly ABS or epoxy resin. The chip of the product can be selected according to your needs, and the shape and printing options of the product are supported.

You are welcome to inquire to learn more about our products.

Epoxy RFID NFC Keychain Tags
Special FeaturesWaterproof / Weatherproof
Communication InterfaceRFID, NFC
Place of OriginGuangdong, China
MaterialEpoxy + PVC
ApplicationEpayment, Ticketing, Access Control System
ChipNFC Chip
Reading distance0-10cm
PrintingCMYK 4C Printing/offsetting/silkscreen Printing
SizeCustomized Size
SampleTesting Samples
Writing Cycle100,000times


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1.Access control

2.Gym locker


4.E-payment etc.

Avaliable Chip


Product Descripiton

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Packing & Delivery

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