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Dia3mm RFID Custom Anti-Metal Tags 860~960Mhz MINI UHF RFID PCB Anti-Metal Tags Inquiry

Dia3mm RFID Custom Anti-Metal Tags 860~960Mhz MINI UHF RFID PCB Anti-Metal Tags

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UHF RFID Anti-metal PCB Tag mainly used in metal tool management, such as surgical tools and maintenance tool management, it can customize the size, mini size embedded in the tool with related reading and writing equipment can achieve the intelligent management of many metal tools, plus the unique UID of each label can write the corresponding information data for the tool, more convenient tool identity and warehouse management.


UHF RFID Anti Metal PCB Tag




Dia5/6/10mm, 10*5mm/6*6mm, 8*3mm,10*4mm or custom


Alien H3, Ucode8


EPC GEN2, ISO18000-6C


902-928MHz ( optional)

Reading Range tested by handheld uhf reader

0-1m(Might be of different read range by different readers and applications)

Working Temperature


Storage Temperature

-40℃~ 110℃


100000 times

Application of Anti Metal RFID UHF Tag

-Tools mamagement
- Mold management
- Asset management
- Logistics


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Applications: Instrument tracking, tool tracking, medical equipment management, traceability labeling, surgical instrument management, small asset tracking, IT and laptop tracking, identification, etc.

Avaliable Chip

uhf chip.png


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Production Detail

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