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RFID Tag: The core component, which can be either passive (powered by the RFID reader's signal) or active (battery-powered). 

Antenna: Embedded within the bracelet, allowing it to receive and transmit data. 

Wristband: Made of materials such as silicone, fabric, or plastic, designed for comfort and durability. 

How It Works 

Data Storage: The RFID tag stores data, such as a unique identifier. 

Transmission: When an RFID reader sends out a radio signal, the antenna in the bracelet picks it up. 

Response: The RFID tag then transmits its stored data back to the reader.    

As a prominent NFC bracelets manufacturer, we are dedicated to providing top-notch products that integrate seamlessly into everyday life, offering a blend of style and functionality.

NFC (Near Field Communication) bracelets are wearable devices equipped with NFC technology, allowing them to communicate with other NFC-enabled devices when in close proximity. These bracelets are designed for a variety of applications, including contactless payments, access control, data sharing, and more. 

Key Features of Our NFC Bracelets 

Contactless Payments: Effortlessly make secure transactions without the need for physical cash or cards. 

Access Control: Simplify secure entry to buildings, events, and restricted areas. 

Data Sharing: Quickly exchange information, such as contact details or digital business cards. 

Health and Fitness Tracking: Monitor health metrics and fitness activities in real-time. 

Customizable Design: Available in multiple styles, colors, and materials to suit individual preferences. 

Why Choose Our NFC Bracelets? 

As a leading NFC bracelets manufacturer, we offer several advantages that set our products apart: 

Advanced Technology: We utilize cutting-edge NFC technology to ensure reliability and efficiency. 

High Durability: Our bracelets are crafted to endure daily use and harsh conditions. 

Ergonomic Design: Comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, suitable for all occasions. 

Enhanced Security: We prioritize data encryption and privacy to safeguard user information.

Application: ticketing, party, swimming pool, festival, hotel, sport, gym...

Suitable for access control system, cashless payment.

NFC Events WristbanNFC Events Wristban


Product Parameters

Product name

NFC RFID Wristband






NFC Chip


ISO14443A/B, ISO15693

Reading distance



Slider Card printing: Silk-screen printing both side, offset printing, digital printing




Events Management, Ticketing, Access Control, Payment, etc.




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