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NFC Cats Dog Baby RFID Tags 13.56MHz Animal Identification Epoxy Resin RFID Pet Tags Inquiry

NFC Epoxy Animal Tag

RFID Epoxy Resin Tag

RFID Epoxy Resin Tag is a popular one in the application. Because of its small size and exquisiteness, it is easy to carry. It is encapsulated by epoxy resin and is widely used in access control, pet management, hotel door locks, public transportation, etc. place.

The main application chips are HF chips; chips of other frequency bands can also be used. It can be single-sided adhesive or double-sided epoxy resin. Regarding its shape, we can also customize the square, round, pet shape, and metal edging process, which can be selected and customized.

epoxy tag (16).jpgepoxy tag (27).jpg


Product Parameters

Product name

Epoxy Pet NFC Tag






NFC Chip



Reading distance



Offset printing or custom




Animal management, Pet ID



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