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A. Good Quality

1. ZDCARD build its own quality control system, so far we have got ISO9001 and ISO14000 certificates.

2. Different clients have different requirements, we make all cards meet their requirements.

3. Group Quality Control Centre is independent of production QC department, its represent the company and clients to control and supervise from the raw material to the stock.

B. Competitive Price

1. We control the internal cost depends on our cultural development.

2. We always take the idea that our product price is the most cost-effective one.

3. Profession and concentration is the premise and guarantee of cost control, extending associated industry make the advantages of equipment and manpower showed mostly.

C. Good service

1. We provide you the best value with concentrated attention from beginning to end. Good service is the culture of our company, even during the holiday, we stick to it and service for you.

2. Resting your heart, making you comfortable is the goal of us.

3. A wealth of experience in customer service to ensure good quality and high level. We have serviced many high-profile customers around the world, and has been praised by some national leadership delegation and Fortune 500 companies.

D. Good technology

1. ZDCARD pays much attention to the improvement of technology to satisfy clients’ quality and delivery time requirements.

2. We fulfill the contact perfectly, and its called a great miracle in cards field. Besides through the cooperation with American Company KOHLS and BESTBUY, we have improved our cards quality to satisfy the European and American Standard per sample cards.

E. Good for long term business

1. The pursuit of our goal is to build a Century enterprise. We are persisting and down to earth. we constantly searching for a stable and scientific method to make us stronger and bigger.

2. We always standing by the side of our customers and partners to make sure their benefits. Choosing us, will bring the long-term interests for you.

3. We focus on credibility, pursuit of reputation efficiency, focus on brand building and Firmly believe that a viable brand precipitated by time. We need your Long-term support and provide you the best quality and service in return.

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