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5 days to go,we expect your participation! [2017/8/11]
Serious work, happy life [2017/7/29]
  To further bring into play the function of ZDCARD corporate culture construction incentives, constan
RFID Cable Tie Tags [2017/7/26]
  RFID Cable Tie Tags RFID Cable Tie Tags is widely used in logistics trackin
RFID nail tag for tree or wood management [2017/7/25]
    Smart nail tags is new type for rfid application, made of special plastic and coil chip can b
RFID protected credit card sleeve and passport sleeve [2017/7/21]
  Product Feature:RFID blocking function to prevent your credit cards' information from Unauthoriz
Blank Inkjet Print PVC Card [2017/7/20]
    Thickness: From 0.3mm to 2mm, standard thickness 0.76mmPri
profile of the wrist strap [2017/7/19]
  RFID wristbandis a convenient and durable to wear on the wrist of intelligent rf alien card varietie
UHF RFID laundry tag for textiles [2017/7/18]
  Best in class RFID for laundry  For institutions that require a constant flow of clean lin
ZDCARD Organizes Badminton Activities [2017/7/17]
  For active amateur cultural life, our company successfully organized a badminton fitness activities
what is rfid system technology [2017/7/15]
  RFID is mainly used in the Internet of things in perceptual recognition layer, is short for radio fr
ZDCARD Group visit to Silicon Valley [2017/7/14]
  In late June 2017, Mr. Liao, chairman of ZDCARD Group,&
RFID Products Reader [2017/6/29]
  ZDCARD supply UHF ISO18000-6C RFID reader, HF ISO14443A/B RFID reader, HF ISO15693 RFID reader,
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