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What is a smart card from ZDCARD Tech? [2016/11/11]
  A smart card from ZDCARD Tech is a device that includes an embedded integrated circuit tha
Microchip Your Pet - ZDCARD' 134.2 kHz Glass Tube RFID Tag [2016/11/5]
   The tag provided by ZDCARD is encapsulated within a highly durable case which makes it useful
Our RFID Ear Tags Provide All the Options You Will Need [2016/11/2]
      The RFID ear tags from ZDCARD are a must for cattle ranchers, which insures you can
ZDCARD Group Supplies UHF RFID Jewelry Tags [2016/10/25]
  ZDCARD Group supplies UHF RFID Jewelry tags.This UHF RFID Jewelry tag is specially designed to enabl
FAQ of RFID Blocking Card [2016/10/21]
  What is RFID Blocking Card? RFID Blocking Card is the size of a credit card that is design
ZDCARD Won the Project of RFID Wristbands for a Large Water Park [2016/10/21]
        ZDCARD successfully won the project of RFID wristbands and information system s
ZDCARD RFID Wristbands Replace Cash & Tickets [2016/10/18]
  ZDCARD Group is a RFID Wristbands manufacturer and supplier. Our RFID wristband factory is 
Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Cards Protecting Your Personal Information Safety [2016/10/14]
   The R&D team of Shenzhen ZDCARD Tech Co., LTD has developed a new product, RFID block
Factory Price Custom Shaped Metallic Background Cards [2016/10/14]
  Shenzhen ZDCARD Tech Co., LTD provides metal business cards, metal debit card, stainless steel busin
Shenzhen ZDCARD Tech Co., LTD newly launched robot waitresses [2016/10/12]
  Shenzhen ZDCARD Tech Co., LTD recently launched robot waitress which integrates a modern b
Handheld Barcode and QR Code Scanner from ZDCARD [2016/9/14]
  Since using handheld scanners, the ways of supermarkets‘ settlement has been changed radically. Comp
One Day Outdoor Travelling in Nan'ao Peninsula [2016/9/5]
  On September 3rd, our company hold an outdoor event in Nan'ao Peninsula, Shenzhen. The event inc
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