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13.56Mhz Printable Custom RFID NFC Woven Bracelets [2022/11/11]
  RFID Wristband is a combination of RFID technology and fashion wristband, mainly used in festiv
RFID wristbands have become an amazing option for leisure industry [2022/10/12]
  Like other RFID labels, RFID wristbands are radio reappearance programmed ID innovations. It involve
ZD technology Cheap Custom Fabric Festival Wristbands For Events [2022/4/14]
  Ideal for festivals and outdoor events these eye catching and sort after wristbands are often kept a
Apparel Management Printing Custom Clothing Tag Wash Care Clothes RFID Labels [2022/3/5]
  Apparel Garment RFID Paper Tags Clothing Smart Label RFID Hang Tags for Clothes.UHF RFID converting
RFID Zip Tie Tag Nylon 13.56MHz RFID NFC Cable Ties For Inventory Management [2022/2/16]
  With the RFID cable tie even metallic objects can be identified as well as objects that cannot be la
ZD Technology RFID PPS Laundry Tag [2022/1/28]
  The PPS button RFID laundry tag is the most common one of the RFID laundry tags, which is small size
Long Range Soft Washable Tag Flexible Silicone Laundry UHF RFID Tags. [2021/12/30]
  RFID laundry tags or rfid washable tags are specially designed to meet the tracking requirements of
13.56mhz rfid tag, nfc sticker product introduce video. [2021/12/28]
  13.56mhz rfid tag, nfc tag is easy to do programmable, like URL encoded, so that it can work with An
ZD Tech RFID Laundry Washable Tag [2021/11/30]
  RFID laundry tag, could be a PPS, silicone or Textile tag with RFID inlay embedded inside. UHF is th
ZD Technology opening a new shop on Alibaba [2021/11/16]
  Good news,  ZD Technology opened a new shop on Ali
ZD Technology Company Introduction [2021/10/12]
  This is our company introductionWelcome to contact us~Tel: +86-755- 23080249, 23080267 Fax: +86
New Products- NFC Epoxy Tags / RFID Key Fob [2021/5/31]
  A fob, or more commonly called a key fob, is a small security hardware device with built-in authenti
RFID Coin Tag With 125KHZ, 13.56MHZ, Durable, Personalized, For Tracking/Identifying [2021/5/13]
  RFID Coin Tag With 125KHZ, 13.56MHZ, Durable, Personalized, For Tracking/IdentifyingRFID Disc Coin T
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