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Handheld Barcode and QR Code Scanner from ZDCARD
Date:[2016/9/14]    Clicks:[1134]

Since using handheld scanners, the ways of supermarkets‘ settlement has been changed radically. Comparing with traditional settlement, it effectively solves the issues of waiting time, long queue, etc.

Based on the market’s request, our company produced a high-resolution handheld scanner with item # ZD5800V. It supports the window close distance scan and can scan all of 1D and 2D, even the barcode/Qrcode with bad quality printing. Its advantages include high efficiency and competitive price.

The ZD5800V handheld scanner is used in a wide range of applications, including retail, healthcare, shipping and receiving for logistics and supply chain management. Its red laser sight line looks like laser scanner to aim directly scan and read barcodes. It is suitable for a variety of high-intensity work environment, correctly and quickly identifying the barcode in a variety of complex lights. Since our handheld scanner meets market demand, Hualian Supermarket hsa set up cooperation with us to solve the actual issues of settlement.

Our Company’s handheld scanner can scan in all domains, customer's own development, and read screen barcodes. It has a variety of functions. You do not need to align the barcode to scan code. It has many features, such as output simultaneously, fast decoding, etc.


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