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The Application of ZDCARD RFID Clothing Tag
Date:[2016/11/23]    Clicks:[1447]


l  Rapid identification: through the RFID supply chain technology to achieve rapid identification of clothing, improve logistics and transport throughput, speed up the supply chain in the process of transport efficiency.

l  Warehouse Management: Rapid and efficient storage management needs of RFID automatic identification technology to fully meet the application.

l  Information sharing: through a unique, non-conflicting clothing identification code, the establishment of a standardized data query process, so that clothing information associated with the identification code in all the information systems in circulation, so that all existing information systems can In such a mode of exchange of information with each other, to achieve the purpose of mutual benefit.

l  Quality traceability: in the same production standards developed under the existence of the quality of clothing differences, the problem of clothing needs to be traced back to the source, to determine the crux of the problem, to avoid the same problem again.

l  Product archive: the use of RFID reader automatically collect data, including garment manufacturing process can be established, the production process, quality control data and other detailed information on the complete product files.

l  Hard to counterfeit: RFID tag embedded in a small large-scale integrated circuit chip, and the chip factory was carved into a unique code, while the label packaging equipment investment of more than ¥ 10 million, so the price of forgery RFID tags huge.

l  Variety of packaging forms: RFID tags can be packaged into various forms, is conducive to be loaded into the goods; and can be made easy to damage the form.

l  Quick check: RFID tags support wireless, batch, fast scan, do not open the product packaging can instantly check the product information, so that security checks simple and quick.

l  Support for traceability: RFID chip can carry large amounts of data, so you can record the entire process of circulation of data generated to achieve traceability.

Data security: Through proprietary RFID data transmission protocol and encryption can ensure that RFID tags stored in the data is only certified equipment to read.

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