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ZDCARD RFID Tags Applied to the Field of Brand Clothing
Date:[2016/11/23]    Clicks:[1076]

As a RFID supply chain management solution, ZDCARD RFID tags are applied to the garment. The chips in the tags can collect, store information and record sales trends to help quickly view the sales direction of the products. In the meantime, the RFID tags are encoded as a globally unique code so that they can effectively solve the anti-counterfeiting problem for the enterprises.

l  Electronic rfid tags have many advantages in supply chain management:

l  Easy to read: Data in the tags can be read without a light source, or can even work through the products packaging. The effective identification of distance can be 1-8 meters when using a rfid passive tag without a built-in battery.

l  Fast recognition speed: Ultra-high frequency reader can immediately read the information in the electronic tags once they go into the magnetic field or electromagnetic emission range. Besides, multiple tags can be processed at the same time to achieve batch recognition

l  Large data capacity: The largest data capacity of the two-dimensional bar code (PDF417) can store a maximum of 2725 numbers at a time. If includes letters, the amount of storage will be less. The storage of RFID electronic tags can be expanded to 1K byte according to the demands of users.

l  Long service life, wide application range: Electronic rfid tags can be applied to dust, oil pollution and high radioactive environment because of its radio communication mode. And its closed packaging makes its life much more than the printed bar code

l  Stored data can be changed dynamically: The data can be written into the tags by the programmer to provide the RFID tag interactive portable data file function. And the writing time is less compared to printing the bar code

l  Better security: Electronic rfid tags can be not only embedded or attached to different shapes, types of products, but also set up password protection for reading and writing data.

l  Dynamic real - time communication: The tag communicates with the reader at a frequency of 50 to 100 times per second. As long as the RFID tag attached to the object appears in the reader to identify the effective range, you can track and monitor its dynamic position which will help effectively solve product theft, counterfeiting and other problems.

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