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If RFID passive tags can be reused?
Date:[2016/11/25]    Clicks:[1218]

Rfid RFID system as a new technology in the logistics, supermarkets, libraries, automation, retail and other applications is particularly significant, is also in expanding more areas of the industry, and there are still many people who do not understand if rfid passive tags can be reused, if it can not write information to labels and other similar issues, let me tell you something.

If passive RFID tags can be reused?

If the rfid application in the logistics tracking,, you can paste in the rfid label on other objects to re-use after the use of an object.


If the RFID tag has a read-write memory, reader can be used to write data to the tag. If you need to write more than one label, you can use to write multiple tags of third-party software. The Electronic Product Code (EPC) standard for passive UHF RFID tags allows a 16-bit "word" to be written into the chip. The Block Write command allows you to write more than 16-bit words, but requires both the tag and the reader to support Block Write. It can also be used to re-write existing data, write new data, but not lock the label.



At present, "RFID active tags and passive tags" are different, you can re-use the passive tags which built-in plastic or other protective material. If the passive RFID tag is forced out of the object, it may damage the connection between the chip and the antenna, then it is broken. The tags can not be pasted elsewhere, but if the label is wrapped in plastic, it can be used in the supply chain and can be placed on other objects by a plastic ring. In addition, durable labels such as laundry labels are reusable, similar to security labels.

Recycling tags is difficult to manage because you need to ensure that the serial number is no longer associated with the item after removal of the tag, and this is not too difficult to associate with the new tracker, but if the tag is used in thousands of different items, then a lot of trouble for it. Therefore, in order to ensure that each label can be associated with the correct items every time, need to make appropriate procedures and management.


Passive rfid tags in the entire communication process, the chip stores an object information, you can clear the chip information after the re-use, which is reason that passive RFID tags slowly replace the traditional bar code.

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