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ZDCARD UHF FCC washing rfid tag
Date:[2016/11/28]    Clicks:[850]

Product name:UHF FCC washing rfid tag

Product model :IVF-L305512U

Size:55 * 11.5mm (±0.5mm) 

Antenna material: copper etching             

Surface material: silicone               

Character: blue, waterproof,rub-off resistance

Working frequency:902MHZ~928MHZ(FCC)

Working protocol:ISO 18000-6C GEN2 Class 1

Chip:H3 ,sealing by QFN

Reading distance:  ≥6M( fixed reader)

Character:Industrial washing and dehydration for using times more than 200 times, high water-proof; rub-off resistance;anti-acid and alkali

Data storage:10 years

Working temperature:-25℃~150℃             

Storage temperature:-25℃~150℃              

Operation humidity:0% ~ 100%

Application: applied in washing industry widely


Website: www.zdcardtech.com

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