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The working principle of passive RFID tag and applications from ZDCARD
Date:[2016/11/29]    Clicks:[1071]

Passive radio frequency tag mode adopting frequency hopping, anti-interference ability, and the user can read and write custom standard data, more quickly in special application system efficiency, read distance can reach more than 10 meters. Passive radio frequency tag 1024 bits of memory capacity, super wide operating frequency band, both comply with related industries, but also for the development and application of flexible and multiple tags at the same time, speaking, reading and writing. Passive RF label design, no batteries, memory can wipe over 100000 over and over again.


Working principle:

The passive electronic tags (passive tag) has no built-in battery, outside the scope of the reader read, electronic tags in a passive state, within the scope of reader's reading, electronic tags from reader RF energy is extracted from the power supply needed for the job. Passive electronic tags usually adopt reflective modulation transfer of a way to complete the electronic tag information to the reader.


Do logistics and warehousing management, such as goods flow and warehousing management, and mail, package, transportation, luggage and other flow management,

Being intelligent parking lot management: the management of the parking lot and charge automation

Do production line management: the production process of fixed-point identification,

Do products anti-counterfeiting detection: using the tag memory write protection function, to identify the product authenticity,

Anti-cheating weighing system: being is to weigh the vehicle to identify the information of weighing vehicles, in particular, no one to keep the value of the weighing system,

The management: a transport vehicle being bus stops, parking management; Sand vehicle car number of the vehicles, such as identification, and so on management

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