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ZDCARD UHF an-metal RFID tags application cases
Date:[2016/11/29]    Clicks:[930]

ZDCARD UHF an-meta RFID electronic tags is made of a special anti-magnetic absorbing material encapsulated into an electronic tag, technically solves the problem of electronic label use cannot be attached to the metal surface. Products can be waterproof, acid proof, alkali proof, collision, can be used in outdoor.

Passive uhf metal tag. Products small size, low price, high cost performance, durable, can be used in harsh environment. Asset management is widely used in logistics, product tracking, product security, warehouse management, production control, vehicle management, etc.

Product specification:

Product name: ABS metal tag


Support agreement: EPC Class 1 Gen 2, ISO18000-6 c

Working frequency: 860 ~ 960 MHZ

Standard size: 78 * * 10 29 mm (customizable)

Read distance: 50 cm to 5 m (related to card reader, antenna size and using the environment)

Applications: asset management, logistics management, checking, high-speed inspection management of power grid.

more detail,please click on our website:http://www.zdcardtech.com/Product-118-125.html

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