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Application of the membership card
Date:[2016/12/15]    Clicks:[992]

Membership card applications | Membership card has a wide range of application and it can be applied to various industries.


     Recreation: Golf membership card, cruise / yacht membership card, bar prepaid card, KTV membership card, cinema membership card, game hall prepaid cards, children's amusement park membership card.

     Life services: airline membership card, real estate membership card, health examination membership card, hospital treatment card / clinic card / door card hospital, kindergarten pick-up card, campus card, hairdressing prepaid card, beauty prepaid card, fitness prepaid Cards, membership cards, leisure club membership cards, Muzu City membership cards, plastic hospital membership card, wedding photography membership cards, travel agents membership cards, 4S shop membership cards, car repair cards, fuel cards, parking cards, club membership cards.

③ shopping and retail: shopping malls membership cards, supermarket points card, department store membership cards, convenience store membership cards, store membership cards, bookstore membership cards, glasses shop membership cards, clothing store membership cards, jewelry store membership cards, boutique membership cards, Cosmetics, membership cards, home furnishing membership cards, pharmacy membership cards, maternal and child shop membership cards, gift cards website

Food & Beverage: Hotel / restaurant membership card, boite membership card, hot-pot membership card, western-restaurant membership card, cafe membership card, tea membership card, bakery membership card, dessert.


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