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ZDCARD Tech NFC tracking tag & RFID paper adhesive sticker tag
Date:[2016/12/16]    Clicks:[1021]



PVC material, beautiful print.

ISO stand size, easy to take.

Conform to the latest international standards, is applied in more and more industries and fields.

Support the international agreement, apply to more countries.

It is UHF type.


Technical Specification:

Working frequency: 840-960MHz

Meet the standards

Global:860-960 MHz;

USA FCC:902-928 MHz;

Europe ETSI:868 MHz;

Japan:950 MHz;

Chip:U-Code G2XL,U-Code G2XM;Higgs-2,Higgs-3;

Impinj Moza3,Impinj Moza2

Operating mode:Read and write.

Operating type:Passive, has the very high sensitivity of speaking, reading and writing.

Conform to the agreement:ISO18000-6C、EPC Class1 Gen2、ISO18000-6B

Read and write distance:0.2-30m,depends on the readers and the size ot the label.

Read and write time:100,000 times.

Working Temperature:-35℃-75℃

Stock Temperature:-40℃-80℃

Working Humidity:0-95%


Antenna Material:PET+Aluminum foil antenna or silver plasma antenna or copper foil.

Printing:CMYK offset printing or silk screen printing

Number Printing:Leaser printing or heat transfer printing

Size:standard 54×85.6×0.8 mm or customized



Mainly used for personnel management, access control, vehicle parking management, or other aspects.

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