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ZDCARD Cleaning Card For Magnetic Heads, IC read/write Heads
Date:[2016/12/20]    Clicks:[939]

This Pre-Saturated, Disposable Cleaning Card is designed to safely and effectively remove all dirt, magnetic oxides, and other contaminants from all concealed magnetic heads, IC read/write heads, and photo and optic sensors on all reader mechanisms.


l  Open pouch and take out the Cleaning Card.

l  Insert the Cleaning Card into the Card Reader in the same manner as in using a regular credit card ton moisturize and clean the head.

l  Pull and push the Cleaning Card slightly in Card Reader for few times.

l  Insert the Cleaning Card into the Card Reader again to allow the Cleaning Card to remove stubborn contaminants.

l  Simply discard the used Card.


l  Once per week for Card Reader protected from weather or low usage Card Readers.

l  Once per day for Card Reader exposed to weather or high usage Card Readers.


l  Credit Card Readers

l  Vending Machines

l  ATM / POS Terminal

l  Hotel Door Locks

l  Gas Station Equipment

l  Pay Phones

And many other applications


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