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Solution of RFID Tags for Pet Management
Date:[2017/4/20]    Clicks:[1610]


As we all know, as a data carrier, RFID tags can play a role of identification, object tracking and information collection. To say it simply, the RFID tag reader is similar to the barcode scanner, used for cash collection at supermarket, to get the specific information of the item by reading the barcode of the commodity. And the RFID tag reader reads the RFID tag, then transmits the specific information to display the specific information of the goods.


The working theory of Pet management program is to implant a ZDCARDs RFID tag for each pet. The label records the pet's name, owner, address and its reproduction, health, epidemic prevention and other information for automatic identification and analysis, in which way, to achieve Management of the pet information. The role the tag plays is equivalent to let the pet has its own "identity card". When the pet is lost, the staff can use the RFID reader to obtain its identity information to find the owner. Contact us now for more information.


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