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RFID nail tag for tree or wood management
Date:[2017/7/25]    Clicks:[1348]


Smart nail tags is new type for rfid application, made of special plastic and coil chip can be driven into kinds of wooden products,

with waterproof and antichemical corrosion function, widely used in supply chain management, logistics, cargo tracking.

Depending on different application environment, chips can be chosen.

RFID tree nail tag for trees can be used in large product of various trees.We can adjust the tag dimensions according to your request.

RFID tree Nail tag for trees is a low-frequency electrical tag, which is widely used in the areas of the non-metallic products management, security inspection, packaging of army goods, marking of the bags and the vehicle. The installing method is putting the nail tag in the good after drilling a hole in the goods surface. The diameter of the hole is suggested to be smaller than 5*33mm, and should be knocked in by rubber hammer. It can be used in the non-metallic products like cement, prefabricated product, plastics and wood.

Nail tags are widely used in industry, agriculture identification project.

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