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Order RFID Tags For A Smart Life
Date:[2019/1/29]    Clicks:[1490]

Passive RFID tags use three main frequencies to transmit information: 125 - 134 KHz, (LF), 13.56 MHz (HF/NFC), and 860 - 960 MHz (UHF). The frequency used will affect the scope of the label. When the reader scans the passive RFID tag, the reader transmits energy to the tag, which is sufficient to provide information to the chip and antenna to pass the information back to the reader. The reader then sends the information back to the RFID computer program for interpretation.


Many people would like to order RFID tags, because RFID tags has wider applications:

Logistics and warehousing management

Intelligent parking lot management

Production line management

Product anti-counterfeiting detection

Anti-cheating weighing system

Management of transport vehicles


ZDCARD is a professional and leading RFID tag manufacturer in China, welcome to contact us to order RFID tags.

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