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Start your car by NFC technology
Date:[2020/10/17]    Clicks:[2633]


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                                       Start your car by NFC technology

With the IoT running through everything in our daily life, many home appliances can be control and monitor by a smart phone. But do you know that in the near future, cars and NFC will be connected tightly?


NFC in cars is coming as a fact that many car manufacturers are launching their NFC pairing car since 2019. such as ‘Audi connect key’ from Audi and “BYD NFC car key” from BYD.

BYD NFC carkey-.jpg

 Source: Bydauto.com.cn.


The servery done by nfc-forum.org shows that there are 30 out of 39 car brands announced the used NFC technology in their vehicles.


Moreover, Apple’s Car Key and the Car Connectivity Consortium’s (CCC) Digital Key 2.0 specification announcements are the latest NFC exciting news about increasing NFC functionality in cars. The keynote in Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2020  was “Car Key”. User could hold their iPhone near the door handle to lock or unlock their car with iOS 14. To start the car engine, use just needs to place their iPhone need the dashboard where another NFC reader is installed. User can share their car keys with up to 5 person via iMessage, and set the access level whether just to unlock or full access to the car.

iPhone and BYD mentioned in different presses that, even when the phone’s screen is off, the battery is low, or even when the phone is runs out of power. The user would still be able to unlock and start the vehicle in seconds. With this great feature, we no longer need to bring the conventional car keys whenever we drive.


 Source: autonode.cn


Car Connectivity Consortium uses existing NFC - industry standards to the max to make sure the interoperability between vehicles and a wide range of industry devices. They are working on a global standard for the next-generation of technology. The automotive industry has embraced NFC technology.

From Huawei to Vivo and Samsung to Iphone, and all the brands in between, all of the leading smartphone manufacturers are offering NFC as a standard in their handsets, which means your mobile device is an NFC reader. What most consumers expecting is going to become true: we will be pairing the car with smartphone by one “tap” and manipulating it!

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