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RFID intelligent management system solution for nursing homes
Date:[2020/11/26]    Clicks:[2249]

 At present, our country's population is gradually aging, and the nursing home business in our country will enter a period of development. More young people will choose to send the elderly at home to nursing homes so that their parents can enjoy their old age. What follows is the safety of the elderly. Children will worry about whether the elderly can live happily and safely in nursing homes.


  RFID intelligent management system for nursing homes, this system uses active RFID technology, combined with network technology, to realize the location and tracking of the elderly in the hospital. Know the location of the elderly in real time to ensure the safety of the elderly. At the same time, this system also has an emergency call function. When the elderly need help, they can call the nursing staff through this system. More humane guarantees the safety of the elderly in the hospital. An intelligent safety barrier is added for the management of the nursing home.

  ZDEATA is a professional rfid solution providers and RFID tag wristband manufacturer, we can provide all kinds of RFID wristband for  RFID intelligent management system for nursing homes.

rfid wristband.jpg

  The RFID intelligent management system and tags of the nursing home for the elderly realize the location and tracking of the elderly and ensure the safety of the elderly in the hospital. It realize the emergency call for the elderly, notify the nursing staff in time, and solve the difficulties of the elderly.

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