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RFID Zip Tie Tag Nylon 13.56MHz RFID NFC Cable Ties For Inventory Management
Date:[2022/2/16]    Clicks:[1115]

With the RFID cable tie even metallic objects can be identified as well as objects that cannot be labelled.

ZD RFID cable ties are particularly suitable for the identification of big bags, tubes, metal boxes, small containers and recycled material.

The RFID cable tag cannot be removed without destroying it.

The RFID cable tie and the RFID safety seal can be printed on. The additional identification with a label is possible, too. The chip can be programmed beforehand.

These RFID cable ties are a cost-efficient alternative to RFID hard tags.

Applications include:

* Theft prevention

* Keg and gas cylinder tracking

* Asset management

* Attendance verification

* Security tagging

* Leak detection

* Essential maintenance

* Baggage tagging

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