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Apparel Management Printing Custom Clothing Tag Wash Care Clothes RFID Labels
Date:[2022/3/5]    Clicks:[1179]

Apparel Garment RFID Paper Tags Clothing Smart Label RFID Hang Tags for Clothes.

UHF RFID converting printing labels are usually found in pocket labels, ribbon or nylon tape sandwich converting labels etc. Generally, after passing through converting machine, UHF RFID wet inlays will be combined on different types and then go through ultrasonic cut or cold cut process to form the final label. Ribbons, nylon tapes, polyester tapes, woven edge ribbons, pearlescent ribbons etc. could all be material bases for roll form/piece form sandwich converting labels. For pocket label, the only material base is ribbon in piece form.


UHF RFID printing labels are widely used in apprael, home fabric, bedding, bag and suitcase industries etc.


1. Cheaper in price by UHF RFID wet inlay processing. 2. It could be processed into various types of converting printing labels from UHF RFID wet inlays provided by customers. 3. The printing labels thus produced could have wide applications with little limitations. Various printing contents could be produced according to customers needs. 4. It provides different printing effects according to different wash requirements. 5. Provides flexibilities to customers for printing and encoding on roll form sandwich converting labels.

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