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How do RFID hotel cards work?
Date:[2024/3/5]    Clicks:[112]

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) hotel cards work through a simple process. Here's a basic rundown:

Card Encoding: Each RFID hotel card contains a small chip and an antenna. When the card is created, it's encoded with specific information, typically including a unique identifier for the guest or room.

Reader Devices: Hotels have RFID card readers installed in various locations, such as at the main entrance, elevators, and guest room doors. These readers emit a low-power radio frequency signal.

Authentication: When a guest wants to access their room or other facilities, they hold their RFID card close to the card reader. The reader emits a signal, which activates the chip in the card.

RFID Hotel Card

Communication: The RFID chip in the card receives the signal from the reader and responds by transmitting the information stored on the card's chip, including its unique identifier.

Verification: The reader then verifies the information received from the card against the database of authorized guests and rooms stored in the hotel's system.

Access Granted: If the information matches, access is granted, and the door or facility unlocks. If not, access is denied.

Logging: Each time the card is used, the system typically logs the activity, recording details such as the time and location of access.

This process allows for quick and convenient access control throughout the hotel while maintaining security by ensuring that only authorized guests can access designated areas. Additionally, the system provides hotel management with valuable data on guest movements and activity within the premises.

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