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Plastic PP packing box Inquiry

Plastic packaging boxes provide a better way to showcase your products. Boxes come flat but assemble easily. With this box, your products will stand out on store shelves and provide a superior appearance.

Are you a retailer with products that demand to be seen? Are you searching for packaging materials that will display the product within as opposed to hiding it? Maybe you’re just looking for a unique container for a gift or special project. Here you’ll find clear plastic containers in all shapes and sizes, from cubes to cylinders.

1. Widely used in cosmetics, electronics, food, wine, toys and gift, cloth and accessories, hardware tools industries etc.

2. Any shape, size, color are available according to your choice.

3. Logo and other details can be printed.

4. Various types of materials including PVC/PET/PP etc are available.

5. Support OEM.

6. Different discounts are provided based on order quantities.

Welcome to contact us anytime if you are interested.



 Plastic Box Packaging


 PVC / PET / PP / Gold And Silver Cardboard


 Any customized sizes are accepted


 PVC: 0.20-0.55 mm
 PET: 0.20-0.55 mm
 PP:   0.15-0.75 mm
 Gold And Silver Cardboard: 189g-375g


 CMYK / Pantone Color


 Glossy, Matte, Frosted or special surface


 UV varnish, hot stamping (as client's need)


 Top & bottom are tucked (automatic-lock bottom / any customized closure accepted)


 Cosmetics, Electronics, Food, Wine, Toys and Gift, Cloth and accessories, Hardware tools industries etc.


 2000 PCS

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