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Circle 13.56MHZ passive rfid nfc tag for asset project | nfc labels Inquiry

      nfc labels

InquiryCircle 13.56MHZ passive rfid nfc tag for asset project  Asset project nfc tag are designed to provide asset tracking, management and security for their collections. Upfront and ongoing in-house quality testingUnique RFID tag design helps ensure exceptional and consistent systems performance for as long as your items lastAccelerated age testing to help ensure longevity and read-range reliabilityFailed tags are marked to save staff preparation timeFlexible printing and pre-programming solutions available1- to 4-color custom printing optionCan provide pre-programmed and pre-printed barcodes on tagsMechanical SpecificationTag typerfid tag for assetTag dimensioncustomizedWeight0.01gMaterialpaper, etcCraftsPrinting and Laser Logo, Barcode, QR code and Serial numbers, etc.Temperature-40—85℃  Electrical SpecificationAir interface protocolISO15693Operating frequency13.56 MHzIC typeoptionalMemory configuration896BITSRead range1-10 CMData retention10 yearsRead / Write cycle100,000 times.

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