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NFC Google Review Sticker Printable Customers Comment Google Review Tag Inquiry

NFC Google Review Sticker Tag

NFC Google Review stickers

NFC Google Review stickers are a way to encourage customers to leave reviews for a business on Google. These stickers contain NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, which allows users to tap their NFC-enabled smartphones to the sticker to quickly access the review page for that business.

how it works:

1. Business owner receives the NFC Google Review sticker: Business owners can order or create NFC stickers with a link to their Google review page. (Write relevant links for tags)

2. Customer taps the sticker: When a customer with an NFC-enabled smartphone taps the sticker, it will automatically open the review page for that business on Google. 

 3. Customer leaves a review: The customer can then easily leave a review, rate the business, and share their feedback.(Leave a review quickly)

This convenient method simplifies the review process, making it more likely that customers will provide feedback. It's a useful tool for businesses.

 google review (2).pngGoogle review sticker (1).jpg

Review sticker (5).png

Product Parameters

Product name

NFC Google Review Sticker


Coated paper/PET




NFC Chip


ISO 14443A/B

Reading distance



Offset printing or custom




Google Reviews or other



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