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1.RFID 13.56MHz NFC Epoxy Tag For Social Media Share [2022年7月29日]
RFID epoxy tag Social Media Sharing RFID 13.56MHz NFC Epoxy Sticker Specification : Item Social media Anti-metal NFC Sticker Material PVC + Epoxy Siz……
2.250*25mm RFID bracelet MIFARE Ultralight EV1 Tyvek Paper festival NFC wristbands [2022年7月29日]
Application Used as: 1> Entry Tickets 2> Group management 3> Identification 4> Souvenir, Fashion accessories, etc For different activities:        ……
3.NFC 13.56MHz rfid bracelet disposable woven nfc fabric wristband [2022年7月29日]
Product Description RFID Woven Wristband This wristband can be made of colorful, different sizes of wrist can be adjusted , and can be used by both adults and children, is widel……
4.zd technology High quanlity 13.56MHz rfid wristband silicone nfc bracelet [2022年7月29日]
Product Description Our range of RFID wristbands and NFC bracelets work with any chip and on any RFID system. We've developed industry-leading security and design features, allowing……
5.RFID 13.56MHZ NTAG213 Smart Keytag Keychain NFC Tags RFID Epoxy Mini Card [2021年11月26日]
Product Description Material ABS/ PVC/ PET/Epoxy Color blue, black, yellow,green, red etc Frequency 125KHz, 13.56MHz, 860-960mhz Printing ……
6.Long Reading Distance UHF Library Book Management Sticker [2021年7月7日]
Long Reading Distance UHF Library Book Management Sticker  Material Paper/ PET Size 125*7 mm Chip Monza R6-p Frequency 860-960mhz Reading dista……
7.Long Reading Distance Vehicle Windshield UHF RFID Tag Car Sticker [2021年7月7日]
ISO18000 6C EPC Gen2 Vehicle Windshield UHF RFID Tag Car Sticker UHF Windshield Sticker  With anti-tear cutting , Size : 110 x 45 mm ,  Sticker material : PET ,  IC : UCOD……
8.Custom Anti-metal Social Media Epoxy Self-Adhesive NFC Sticker [2021年7月7日]
Custom Anti-metal Social Media Epoxy Self-Adhesive 213 NFC Sticker ** Anti-metal NFC sticker ** Self-adhesive glue ** Epoxy cover: waterproof ** 13.56MHz frequency ** 1-10c……
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