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ZDCARD Organizes Badminton Activities [2017/7/17]
  For active amateur cultural life, our company successfully organized a badminton fitness activities
ZDCARD Group visit to Silicon Valley [2017/7/14]
  In late June 2017, Mr. Liao, chairman of ZDCARD Group,&
RFID Products Reader [2017/6/29]
  ZDCARD supply UHF ISO18000-6C RFID reader, HF ISO14443A/B RFID reader, HF ISO15693 RFID reader,
RFID is used in fashion industry [2017/6/29]
  Using RFID technology to help the fashion industry brands in supply chain management, retail managem
DIY cakes and cookies biscuit [2017/6/19]
  Our company organizes DIY cakes and cookies biscuit on June 17, 2017. Colleagues are very hands-on a
RFID PPS Laundry for washing Clothes Management [2017/6/17]
  RFID Laundry Tags are ideal for tracking linens, uniforms, and other garments.RFID Laundry Tags
Rfid animal ear tag [2017/6/5]
  Animal ear tag is mainly used for animal feed, transportation, slaughter tracking monitoring, outbre
RFID tag for Logistics pallet [2017/5/24]
        This series of RFID tag products have sunscreen, waterproof, resistance to
Rewritable Card Feature and Application [2017/5/3]
  The rewritable card is also known as visual card, which is in the standard magnetic card or smart ca
Solution of RFID Tags for Pet Management [2017/4/20]
    As we all know, as a data carrier, RFID tags can play a role of identification, object tra
RFID Training Held by IOT Coffee [2017/4/10]
  On April 8th 2017, ten people of ZDCARD Tech attended a training held by IOT Coffee, an NGO aimed to
Overseas Agents Wanted [2017/3/23]
        Shenzhen ZDCARD Tech Co., LTD recruits overseas agents in Europe, North America
A Hike For 16km [2017/3/10]
  On March 4th, we oversea sales team enjoyed a 16km hiking. The way was by the sea. We walked through
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