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Dinner before Christmas [2016/12/28]
  Before new year, we had traditional Chinese hot pot together and enjoyed a good night.
NFC Tags and QR Codes Smart Marketing Strategy [2016/12/27]
   QR Codes and NFC Tags have taken marketing to a completely different level than what
Benefits of RFID key fobs [2016/12/27]
       Today, RFID key fobs have gradually become an important necessity
Merry Christmas day! [2016/12/27]
        ZDCARD hold the Christmas party in 2016.All staff colleagues to attend and care
ZDCARD RFID pet management system [2016/12/23]
   Introduction: ZDCARD SMART RFID Pet Tracking Management System uses leading RFID technology ma
ZDCARD RFID Laundry Tags [2016/12/22]
  RFID Laundry Tags are ideal for tracking linens, uniforms, and other garments. We are continual
RFID Market Growth, Trends [2016/12/22]
  Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) refers to small electronic devices that consist of a small chi
ZDCARD NEW Products: Aluminum-alloy RFID blocking card case [2016/12/22]
  Product name Aluminum-alloy RFID blocking card case Pattern Style With full col
ZDCARD Cleaning Card For Magnetic Heads, IC read/write Heads [2016/12/20]
  This Pre-Saturated, Disposable Cleaning Card is designed to safely and effectively remove all dirt,
ZDCARD Tech NFC tracking tag & RFID paper adhesive sticker tag [2016/12/16]
   Description:PVC material, beautiful print.ISO stand size, easy to take.Conform to the latest i
ZDCARD RFID reader [2016/12/15]
  RFID reader used in library , make library more interesting ,more easy to source , more easy in inve
Application of the membership card [2016/12/15]
  Membership card applications | Membership card has a wide range of application and it can be applied
ZDCARD Eco-friendly and High quality Nylon RFID Cable Tie Tag [2016/12/12]
  RFID tie electronic tags are widely used for various occasions need to bundle. Tie the sign part of
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