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ZDCARD Eco-friendly and High quality Nylon RFID Cable Tie Tag [2016/12/12]
  RFID tie electronic tags are widely used for various occasions need to bundle. Tie the sign part of
ZDCARD RFID tags/sticker tags [2016/12/9]
  RFID UHF/HF labels, stickers tags, rfid smart card, smart seal/sign, resistance to metal labels, sma
ZDCARD Contactless IC card introduction and applications [2016/12/9]
  The features of IC card:1.    High reliability, no mechanical contact between the car
ZDCARD new type of intelligent chip products and application solutions [2016/12/8]
   High quality IC card, smart card, contact IC card, contactless IC card, induction IC, ID card,
Supermarket plastic hanging display strips from ZDCARD [2016/12/7]
   Advantages:  - Create impulse sales by merchandising your products in prominent area 
Foreign customers visit to ZDCARD group, and sign the order agreement [2016/12/3]
  ZDCARD is a 16 years electronic tags (RFID), smart CARDS and other smart chip product solutions, ele
ZDCARD NEW PRODUCT:RFID blocking cell phone case with credit card holder [2016/12/2]
   The rfid blocking cell phone case front leather cover is inserted a conductive foil to ha
ZDCARD RFID animal ear tag product [2016/12/1]
  With RFID technology developed animal identification and traceability system, mainly for animal bree
ZDCARD UHF an-metal RFID tags application cases [2016/11/29]
  ZDCARD UHF an-meta RFID electronic tags is made of a special anti-magnetic absorbing material encaps
ZDCARD Library shelf tags [2016/11/29]
  RFID shelf tags main parameters and book is the same with the tag, is 13.56 MHz operating frequency,
The working principle of passive RFID tag and applications from ZDCARD [2016/11/29]
  Passive radio frequency tag mode adopting frequency hopping, anti-interference ability, and the user
The management application of jewelry based on RFID technology [2016/11/29]
  With rapid development and application of RFID technology today, RFID electronic and informational m
ZDCARD HF anti-metal fragile anti-transfer RFID sticker [2016/11/29]
  ZDCARD initially adopts the technology of precise aluminum etched and engraved combining printing si
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